Instagram Relay @a.caballerodiaz

Instagram Relay with Alexander Caballero (28). Works and lives in Lima, Peru. We ask him a few questions about his photography and favo Instagram Profiles.

When and why did you become a photographer?

''It was 2012 when I decided to study Photography in an Art School here in Lima, Peru. I have always been attracted to visuals and I used to take photos with a pocket since 2005. But I wanted to understand what I was doing so I decided to become a photographer. But I want to learn more than just the techniques, that is why I choose an Art School. Also, I have always considered Photography as a therapy. I found on this media a way to express myself cause I’m a shy guy and I struggle with anxiety, The camera and my photography ideas give me the opportunity to funnels all of this, and to connect with people and their stories.''

What describes your style?

''The use of color films and my work with people, a mix between portraiture and new documentary.''

Why have you chosen Instagram as a medium to share your work?

''I am very visual and I am usually doing photos non stop so Instagram is a very inmediate way to show my work and I can constantly adding photos, there is no limit on that. Also because Instagram has a mixed public so you can be seen by artists and also by someone who doesn’t do art but who is very interested in your work. I appreciate when a work trascend the art world and can touch to all kind of people.''


What are your future plans with your photography?

''Well, I need a website, that is my inmediate plan. We all need to condensed our work in some way and I need to show my work to everyone. I would like to have the opportunity to be in galleries and museums around the world.Also I would like to do a Master Degree in Visual Anthropology and I want to start doing cinematography too. Cause I think my work is related to cinema and I consider myself a visual storyteller. Cinema can be a better way to funnels some stories I have on mind.''

Which other accounts do we really have to follow for more inspiration?