Instagram Relay Tom Lucas

In this Instagram Relay the British photographer Tom Lucas about his ongoing series 'Lines of Flight'. He will also give you 5 Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration as well as visual and creative guidance. There's always a lot to learn from amazing Instagram accounts, so check out his list. 

When and why did you become a photographer?

''I first started taking photographs when I was around 13, and I have been playing with photography since then. I went through college/high school studying and playing with photography but only really took photographs for aesthetic reasons at that level. I just finished my BA Hons Degree at Norwich University of the Arts in June 2017, and am now just furthering my personal work, whilst attempting to also build a career.''

What describes your style?

'' I would describe my style of photography as photojournalistic, documentary, ethnological photography. My preoccupation lies within my subject and their landscape and how the two interact. How they influence each other and how people form a bond with biophysical landscape when it is that much of an influence on their every day life.''

Can you tell me something more about your project 'Lines of Flight'? Is it an ongoing project?

''Lines of Flight is an ongoing project. I have no idea when it will be a fully finished project, but I guess that is part of the beauty of the project. Lines of Flight is an exploration of community in a small village in Sweden, and how they relate to biophysical landscape during social, seasonal events, like the hunting in October, which is divided into a sub-series "North of Oktober". This is meant to give a sense of time and place, whilst playing with Swedish and English language. Then there is also the sub-series "Winterö", which I am still working on, revolving around the social seasonal event within the community, of an island party which is held every year. I have a real curiosity with how the people move in a cyclical way in unison with the landscape. The two really influence each other.''

Why have you chosen Instagram as a medium to share your work?

''I have chosen Instagram as a medium to share my work because of the freedom that Instagram gives and because of how wide an influence Instagram has. Also because I am still trying to build a better network outside of Instagram, but I am only at the start of my career as a photographer at the moment. Instagram is a way of showing all of the people that I know, the new work that I am currently creating, as well as all of the people that I don't know, but hopefully will get to know in the future. I really want to be able to show more of my work in print in the future. 

What are your future plans with your photography?

''My future plans with photography are to apply for an MA in photojournalism and documentary photography in order to specialise within that sub-genre, and to build a greater network within the industry whilst doing so. I also hope to be able to secure myself more commissions with my photographic work in the future, with hopefully a wide range of clients. "Lines of Flight" will continue for years, but I also have a new project which I am hoping to start very soon in the UK, as fuel for an MA, but also as an exploration of people and how they relate to the landscape in the East of England. More information about this project will be available when the project starts.''

Which other accounts do we really have to follow for more inspiration? 

''I think that some other accounts that are really worth a follow are: @carlbigmore, @sashahitchcock, @lauramccluskey, @jackflemingphoto, @karimskalliphoto.''