'Tuk time' Teo Becher

© Teo Becher

Teo Becher lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He graduated in photography from “Le 75“ in Brussels in 2014 and since has been exploring documentary photography. Teo founds a deep interest in the image itself and how it is interpretated, especially through landscape photography.

He mostly uses a large format camera as well as a medium format.

Teo is part of Brassage Photographique collective (https://www.brassage-photographique.com/creation-brassage-photographique).

Tuk time is firstly a narrative, a story, or rather the crossing of several stories. There is Tuktoyaktuk, an Inuvialuit village on the banks of the Beaufort Sea in the Canadian Arctic, and us, Téo and I. Tuk time is our story intertwined to those of the village, from fur trade to oil exploitation, from residential schools to the Northwest passage. 

Zend hier je werk in voor de tweede en laatste ronde van de Olympus Young Talent Award 2018. Je maakt o.a. kans op een plek in de expositie op 16 november 2018 in Foam Café Amsterdam en op de nieuwste Olympus OMD camera t.w.v. € 2700,- . Inzenden kan tot 15 september 2018.